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I am drawn to people who live out their life passions. Whether they’re working to serve the homeless in our community, writing novels, editing and prepping manuscripts, teaching our kids, working with therapy horses, or doing a multitude of other things, I know people who fascinate and inspire me. You’ll see them in my books, and eventually read their stories on my blog.

I also follow my passion by writing. I write YA with Lynne Pearson under the name Celeste Deveney, and Romance under the name Celeste Joy.

So come, see what I’ve been up to and read about what jazzes me.


by | Nov 24, 2018


If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.

– Emile Zola

Coming Soon!

Spring 2019

3 Days to Love


Chicago cop Kitten “Kit” Rycroft works vice. Undercover. Every night. The beat is tough, but Kit was born to serve and protect. One summer night, a sting operation goes bad and Kit leaps in front of a bullet meant for her partner. As she leaps, she sees a vision of the sexy man she’s dreamed of for months standing on a beach extending his hand to her.

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